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Thursday, December 31
"14th Annual All Singles New Year's Eve" Dinner Dance at Moretti's Restaurant in Chicago's Edison Park $60

Dear Friends,

Are you looking to meet other eligible Chicago-area single professionals? Chicago singles you can really talk to, socialize with, get to know and possibly date? If so, we offer…

A Better Way for Singles to Meet!

Chicago Singles Dining and Social Club is the city’s premier club for single professionals to meet, connect and enjoy life deliciously! Throughout the month, Chicago Singles Dining and Social Club hosts fun events like:

  • Singles Dining - Dinner Parties at Fun New Restaurants
  • Singles Dances at Area Restaurants and Private Clubs
  • Dinner Parties with Jazz, the Blues, or Other Musical Entertainment
  • Wine Tastings
  • “Gourmet with a Play” - Singles Dining with Live Theatre
  • Ethnic Dining at Exotic Restaurants

These exciting events create lots of opportunities to meet and interact on a personal basis with like-minded discerning singles in their 30s through 50s. At these gatherings, our members share their enjoyment of fine food, wine, close relationships and warm conversation, plus all other aspects of the gourmet lifestyle. No pressure, no contrived “dating” situations, and certainly no awkward fix-ups or risky blind dates—just a great way to meet someone new all while having a terrific time!

“The Good Ones Are Already Taken” Myth

For years, female friends would say it was impossible to find “a great guy” out there. At the same time, my buddies would tell me that “all the good women” were already taken.

After hearing their complaints, it was easy to see why they weren’t finding anyone they liked. Why? Because to meet new people, they kept going to their usual “hangouts”, doing the same things they always had. It’s no surprise that their results were the same—no success meeting the types of singles they were really looking for. Their efforts only reinforced a negative outlook.

Now, these men and women were in no way losers or lonely hearts. They were attractive, accomplished, interesting and socially adept professionals. They were just in a rut!

Sure, some of these friends had at one time joined high-profile dating services and pricey “adventure” clubs. Others had tried various speed dating events, the Internet, video dating, or even matchmakers. Regardless of how much money they spent, the results were often a lot of horror stories, wasted time and effort. They were attractive, eligible singles who simply kept missing each other like ships passing in the night.

You Get Two Clubs in One!

In December, 2002, I founded a singles club that emphasized dinner parties and dinner dances—comfortable ways to meet and socialize on a personal basis. Chicago Singles Dining and Social Club is our club for those in the city. We also have a sister club, Gourmet Connections, to serve the suburbs. By joining either group, you actually get two clubs in one, since membership entitles you to attend any of the suburban parties as well as all those in the city.

Rest assured, Chicago Singles Dining and Social Club is in no way like those expensive dating services or matchmakers. We are certainly not in any sense like the personals ads, speed dating events, or video or Internet dating. Our club simply provides you a variety of affordable events where you can relax, enjoy yourself and meet and make friends and form relationships over a delicious dinner and a glass of wine.

Think of Us As the Ramp
Out of Your Social Rut!

Maybe you too are in a social rut when it comes to meeting new, eligible singles of the opposite sex. You might be new in town, looking to date or interested in a long-term relationship. Perhaps you just want to expand your friendships and social possibilities. Why not give Chicago Singles Dining and Social Club a try?

Because we host 4-5 fun parties each month in Chicago (see our latest schedule), you can expand your social opportunities. As a member, you can take advantage of a proven, effective way to meet and get to know some wonderful new friends while enjoying a delicious meal, a glass of wine or some great entertainment.

We host most of our events at new, notable and undiscovered restaurants that vary from casual to sophisticated. Our parties generally are just $35-$49, including a full dinner, taxes and tips. And people have told us that they are not just surprised but delighted at how affordable membership is.

Find out more about joining Chicago Singles Dining and Social Club. You’ll quickly discover that we are a friendly and outgoing group. Even for your first party, you won’t need to bring a friend. But, after seeing how easy and how much fun these events can be, you’ll be eager to share the experience with all your friends. Attend as many or as few parties as you like and meet lots of interesting, like-minded singles, and possibly even the love of your life!

Thanks for considering Chicago Singles Dining and Social Club!

Jim “Senny” Senhauser
Chicago Singles Dining and Social Club
“Meet, Enjoy and Connect - Deliciously!”

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What Our Members Say
About Us…

Your group is a great way to enhance my social life. It’s fun and appetizing!”
—Phill from Chicago

It’s great to be a member of your club. Your commitment to quality of food and wine is outstanding. I also like the way you really try to get the male-female balance just right. I’ve met some really nice people. Your events are well run and I will be coming back for another helping!”
—Diana from Chicago

A Philosophy That Sets Us Apart

At Chicago Singles Dining and Social Club, we believe that MORE is not necessarily BETTER; BETTER is BETTER. This attitude, emphasizing the quality of life and all its experiences, carries through to everything we do. We are committed to providing you with the opportunities, approaches and information to help you be at your best in a warm, positive setting. We want you to realize your potential, make new friends and, in the process, perhaps meet that special someone, just for you! Because you too deserve a life that’s bold and delicious!

Be confident that, at our parties, conversations, interactions, connections and relationships all evolve naturally. You’re not sent to an assigned seat, made to play parlor games or rotated through a line of potential “dates.” Instead, our approach is easy, enjoyable and it works.

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