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Thursday, December 31
"14th Annual All Singles New Year's Eve" Dinner Dance at Moretti's Restaurant in Chicago's Edison Park $60

Alternatives to
Dating Services and Matchmakers in Chicago

If you are considering Chicago Dating Services or Matchmakers, you might want to check out other less costly approaches to meeting other singles first. Some of our Chicago Singles Dining and Social Club members were previous clients as well as participants in the dating pool of some of the most advertised dating services and matchmakers in Chicago. These singles swear that for about $100 a year, membership in our club offers them more than many of these highly advertised services costing $1500-$6000!

True, Chicago Singles Dining and Social Club does not have lots of ads in glossy publications featuring beautiful models; there has to be some reason for the difference in price. While most of these dating services have had success with some of their clients, given the membership fees involved, a much higher rate of success would seem warranted.

The key selling point for dating services and matchmakers is that they promise that they will somehow acquaint their clients with a “hidden source of attractive and interesting singles” who can be found nowhere else. In addition, because they have interviewed the client and the people in the dating pool, they vow to use their skills to match them up precisely based on the criteria you outlined with them.

The reality with Chicago dating services and matchmakers is often something else. Nearly all the singles available to participants in these “blind date” orchestrated fix-ups are generally available elsewhere. One simply needs the patience and persistence to find them. The other challenges of this method are that:

  • Too often their fix-up process lacks any level of precision
  • That someone who has interviewed you for an hour somehow knows more about your tastes and preferences in a partner is an assumption that is in itself ludicrous.

Be especially aware of any organization that says things to you like, “We have five matches that we know would be perfect for you.” This sort of false-hope carrot selling is common in this industry. The sales person is counting on you not wanting to somehow miss out on someone who is somehow “perfect for you.” R-i-g-h-t!

We’ve all heard the horror stories about newly single friends or singles new to town who spent thousands of dollars with dating services or matchmakers in order to get fixed up with people who met the criteria they established in an interview and through questionnaires. Unfortunately, they often end up getting paired with someone who is nowhere near the specifications that they outlined.

Chicago dating services and matchmakers may work for a few people but there is a much more affordable and enjoyable way to meet new single professional people—Chicago Singles Dining and Social Club!

Are Chicago dating services really necessary! Not really. Now you can meet attractive, professional singles without using a dating service. No more personality profiles, taped interviews or questionable fix-ups…you can forget dating services and matchmakers forever! Learn about an exclusive club where you can meet single attractive professionals while socializing and enjoying fine food and wine.

With Chicago Singles Dining and Social Club, you’ll discover a fun, relaxing way to meet and network with new people. Click here to learn more about becoming a member and never having to rely on a dating service again.

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