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Thursday, December 31
"14th Annual All Singles New Year's Eve" Dinner Dance at Moretti's Restaurant in Chicago's Edison Park $60

Over 80 professional templates to choose from, or use your own.

A Top Tier, Yet Affordable
Email Marketing Solution

iContact Pro is web based email marketing and list management software that allows businesses of all sizes to add a newsletter sign up form to their web site, send out personalized HTML or text emails, create unlimited lists, schedule messages, send surveys, and view complete reporting metrics for each campaign including open and click through tracking.

iContact Pro is designed to improve communication between businesses and their customers, prospects, and subscribers. It enables organizations to stay in front of their target market at a fraction of the cost and a multiple of the efficacy of traditional marketing methods. Through permission-based email marketing with iContact Pro, businesses are able to educate their customers, build rapport and trust with their subscribers, and most importantly, increase sales. Non-profit organizations are able to gain mindshare, stay in touch with members and supporters, and build awareness.

We Recommend iContact Pro
For a Reason

iContact Pro is a top-tier solution, but is affordable for businesses of all sizes. iContact is on no blacklists and have established relations with the major ISPs and have been whitelisted with AOL and Yahoo, ensuring maximum deliverability. iContact makes it easy to create, send, and track permission-based email marketing campaigns. The software offers advanced reporting, our trademarked MessageBuilder system, message scheduling, the ability to create unlimited lists, bounceback handling, subscription management, and an array of easy to use newsletter templates among many other major industry-standard features.

iContact Pro is a solution that is robust enough to fulfill the needs of the SMB/CRM market, yet easy enough to use and easy enough on the budget for all sizes of businesses. Clients range from mom-and-pop stores to Fortune 500 companies such as International Paper. iContact Pro are the easiest to use, most feature-rich, most support-centric, and most fairly priced small business to enterprise email newsletter solution on the market.

There is no substitution for actually trying it out yourself. You can sign up for a free fifteen day trial here and see and use the software for yourself firsthand.

Industry-Leading Features

  • Mail merge personalization
  • Message scheduling
  • Forward to a Friend
  • Open and click through tracking
  • Bounce-back handling
  • Automated Subscription Management
  • Contact Management System
  • Easy to Use HTML Templates
  • Surveying
  • Built in WYSIWYG Editor
  • Sign-Up Form Generator

The above is just a partial list of the enterprise-quality features of iContact Pro. Sign up for a free, 15 day trial to see these features for yourself.

Enterprise Quality Analytics Allow You To Analyze Your Efforts.

Industry-Leading Reporting

One of the many advantages of using iContact Pro is its top of the line reporting. We provide complete analysis of each of your campaigns, allowing you to test variables to determine what works in your messages. With our trademarked MessageStatsT we provide real-time detailed data on sent messages, unique and total clicks, unique and total opens, bounces, delivered percent, unsubscribes, and forwards. We tell you exactly when your message began and finished sending. We show who opened your message and when they opened your message. We show who clicked on your links, when they clicked on your links, and which links they clicked on. We show you who forwarded your message, to whom it was forwarded, and how many times it was forwarded.

We also allow you to QuickCompare the last messages you've sent, allowing you to see at a glance trends in opens, clicks, forwards, unsubscribes, and bounced for up to the previous twenty messages. Below MessageStatsT, we provide List Reports and Account Analysis, in which we provide a number of highly relevant graphs to track progress-over-time, list growth, and macro trends. We encourage you to check out our advanced reporting for yourself. Sign up for a free fifteen day trial today.

Sign up for a free trial.

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